Welcome to Sydney Rebecca Healing

Everyone has the ability to heal and move through challenging times; my work is to offer you intuitive guidance and coaching that will connect you with your highest self and deepest sense of possibility.

Whether our session is by phone, Skype or over email, I always set clear intentions and tune in to receive insight and guidance that will serve your greatest well being. As we work together, I will also offer advice and encouragement so that you can start to more clearly hear and TRUST your own intuition, without second guessing your instincts. 

This is an opportunity for you to gain personal insight and manifest positive life change, self confidence, healing and greater daily joyfulness. 


Email Readings

Phone Sessions

Workshops: Vision Boards, Group Journaling, Public Speaking with Confidence, Networking to Manifest Abundance

Please email me if you want to book a phone/Skype session or arrange for an email reading or workshop.

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