I am currently only offering email readings and telephone/Skype sessions.  Trust me, they are awesome. 

Please send me a message to book a session or to request an email reading! 

P.S. Non-financial exchanges are welcome if you have something else you would like to trade for a session or reading.

Email Readings

The STANDARD ($60)

Do you have a burning question? Is there an area of life that feels unsettled or needs a little extra tender love and care? Looking for some general insight with a magic touch? These customized, personal email readings will provide you with detailed, focused information to bring you clarity, confidence and specific next steps that support your best and highest good. 

The DEEP DIVE ($80) 

Are you facing major life changes right now? Dealing with a complex situation with multiple questions or variables? Is this one of those moments where even when you've taken time to breathe and contemplate, you are still freaking out a little bit on the inside and therefore want some grounded, impartial advice that is intuitively aligned to your personal needs and situation? If any of these are true, then the DEEP DIVE is the reading for you. 

Phone Sessions


This 60-minute individualized session includes an in-depth intuitive reading, oracle cards and time for questions and answers. 


This unique session is designed to provide couples, BFFs or family members with in-depth insights into their personal and shared journeys. In addition to intuitive analysis, clients receive an oracle card reading and time for questions and answers.