"Sydney's email reading was accurate.  She is so connected. She summarized my situation so perfectly it has blown me away.  I have only exchanged a couple of emails before I requested for a reading.  I am using the guidance from her reading and it has made a huge difference in my life.  Thank you Sydney."  

- Shirin, Accountant (Sydney, Australia)

"Sydney gave me a wonderfully insightful reading that helped fuel a big change in my life. She gave me the guidance to decide how to go about turning my ideas into a reality. Sydney is calm, relaxed, open and fun. These qualities make the reading enjoyable as well as informative. Sydney takes the time to answer questions, so that you are clear on your reading and understand what to do with the information presented by the cards. I thought the reading would be fun, but it turned into a truly eye-opening life experience and I left feeling renewed and more directed on my life path."

          - Rachel, Opera Singer (Toronto, Canada)

"Sydney is an amazing Intuitive Reader and working with her has been a true blessing.  I’ve had other readings done before, and I have to say that her reading was outstanding and one of the best!  I found that in the past when I had readings by other people, sometimes certain things I was told I would be able to relate to and other things I could not at all tie to my life.  Sydney’s reading however, was completely accurate.  There was no thinking or guessing who or what she may be referring you – she could tell you right away and immediately tie it to the events in your life (without asking you anything). I could not believe how she could clearly see the various situations in my life and advise on how it will all work out.  She was also able to give me advice in terms of what would be the best decisions regarding some important events that were happening around me.  Sydney really has an amazing gift and I am happy to continue working with her."   

          - Ana P. (Toronto, Canada)

"I was feeling really confused about some major life decisions. Sydney provided clarity and really helped me to understand what was important. You don’t have to explain anything to Sydney. She already knows what’s going on with you (past, present and future) and she helps you work through it all. Sydney works with the utmost respect and genuine compassion. After all of our sessions I left feeling rejuvenated and enthusiastic about life. I have recommended Sydney to many of my friends who need questions answered; want guidance or who are simply antsy to know what the future will bring! Her accuracy and insight is truly beyond compare."

          - Kate, Graduate Student (Toronto, Canada)

"Thank you so much for giving me an Angel reading.  You were spot on in every aspect of what you covered in the reading.  My questions were answered and I felt your unconditional support, expertise and divine connection. I am very grateful!"

          - Stacey Witt, Intuitive and Spiritual Healer  
          (Seattle, USA)

"Each session that I have had with Sydney has been incredibly thorough and startlingly accurate.  I feel safe to speak about my deepest concerns and I always leave feeling like I learned something new about myself. I would strongly recommend Sydney’s services to anyone who is facing a tough challenge in life and who seeks clarity before making a decision."

          - Charlyn, Non-Profit Program Coordinator  
          (Toronto, Canada) 

Want to share your experience here? Contact me at sydneyrebeccahealing@gmail.com


"I am in total gratitude to you, the angels and all our guides for this beautiful reading. I had tears in my eyes as I read it because so much of it rings true in my heart. Thank you again so very much... you have a special gift and I'm blessed to have received it." 

          -  Judy Anne, Designer / Healer (New York, USA)

"Sydney's presence is always warm, grounding, and completely open, as one would expect from an intuitive worker, but her sense of humour and well-timed bouts of sass are what make her sessions practical and joyful... and ultimately, for me, that much more healing.

You'd think by now it wouldn't, but Sydney's insight continues to surprise me - she's always spot-on, almost alarmingly so.  I'm still not sure where I stand on the idea of angels, but there is no denying Sydney's deep connection with the energetic realm of life, and she uses the language of angels to deliver accurate, constructive, and well-articulated messages that ignite the mind and feed the soul.  

I always leave the sessions with a sense of clarity and fullness, like all the clutter and confusion has fallen away and I am once again tuned into... life, and myself.  Like I'm back on centre.  Her work has been very helpful for me, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to slow down, chill out, and tune in."

          - Laura, Construction Project Manager (Toronto,

"I always leave a session with Sydney with an enhanced sense of clarity of thought and purpose. Her energy is really grounding and her warmth and sincerity make you feel comfortable, open and at ease. The information that Sydney receives during a session (through the Angels/cards), is explored in a non-judgemental and inquisitive way. Through this collaborative approach, I learn more about the way that I respond to the world around me, and what action or inaction I need to take in order to be closer to my authentic self. 

It's both empowering and fun! I highly recommended Sydney as an intuitive healer and looking forward to my next session!"

          - Sehr Athar, MSW (Toronto, Canada) 

"Sydney is an angelic human being in her own right; I have always found her open and vividly in the moment! She was able to access hopeful and comforting direction from the archangel realm for me. I felt anxiety relief, and inner peace as to how my life is unfolding. I highly recommend Sydney's work for her deep intuitive skills and strong connectedness to the angelic realm."

          - Debbie, Art Therapist (Toronto, Canada)

"Sydney is a genuinely loving individual who brings positive energy and compassion to all of her interactions. She was instrumental in my healing process after a challenging time in my life with regards to relationships, career and family. Sydney has the best interest of the people she helps in mind and uses her gift to enable them to harness their self-knowledge, intuition and potential into a process of living closer their authentic self and being satisfied. Sydney is an engaging and inspiring individual who listens to others without judgement and with a mindfulness of diversity that allows individuals of different backgrounds to feel comfortable and supported by her insights. Sessions with Sydney are powerful, yet lighthearted and fun!"

          - Laura S., Teaching Assistant (Toronto, Canada)